Hard drive and memory upgrades

Hard drive and memory upgrades

Computer upgrades whether its an Apple Mac computer or a Windows PC seem to be more necessary now than ever.

– Hard drives such as IDE and SATA hard drives now are being replaced by faster hard drives like SSD drives. SSD drives are Solid State Drives that have absolutely no moving parts inside. They are based on Flash, DRAM which in plain words is the same technology that is inside a usb flash drive. It uses a single circuit board with memory chips on it to store data.

Here is an article from pcmag.com that will throw some more light on the advantages of SSD drives.


Most PCs or Macs on the market will not have the maximum memory capacity installed which leaves lots of room for upgrading in the future. Custom desktop PCs can have as much as 32GB maximum RAM and is some cases even 64GB RAM.