DC jack repair

About DC Jack repair services

What is a dc jack?

A DC jack is a port on your computer where you can plug in your laptop's power cord. DC jacks are connected to the motherboard and are the main source of power supply to the motherboard. A working power supply will help turn your computer on and charge your battery. Sometimes the DC jack can get damaged when the laptop is dropped, it can also get damaged when the power supply cable is connected to the laptop and pulled in the opposite direction.

How to determine if your laptop has a damaged DC Jack?

When the DC jack gets damaged, you are unable to get a complete contact between the power supply cable and the dc jack. Sometimes moving the power cable or putting it in a certain position may cause the laptop to turn on or charge the battery. Eventually, you are unable to charge your laptop and it doesn't even come on anymore. We recommend bringing in your laptop for repair the first time you start noticing any difference.

DC jacks can be repaired.

A computer technician can fix the dc jack on your laptop but they have to take the computer apart in order to do this. In most cases, the dc jack is replaced by another working dc jack. Depending on the type of laptop the amount of time may vary from 1 hour to 3 hours including testing laptop and battery charging after installation. Please contact us today at ML Geek Services to get a diagnosis or quote for DC Jack repair.


Data Recovery Services


hard drive repair fort worth

Data recovery fro non working laptops and desktops





At ML Geek Services, we perform Data Recovery using non-destructive methods. We do not have a clean room and have always forwarded any Hard drives that require clean room recoveries to our partner Gillware. We charge a minimum of $65.00 to see if we can recover your data, if we are unsuccessful then we will recommend sending the hard drive to Gillware, who will then provide a quote for Data Recovery. ML Geek Services' customers get discounts when we refer them to Gillware.



We repair LCD screens, Fort Worth
LED LCD Screen Repair


- Laptop LCD/LED screen repair

-tablet screen digitizer assembly repair

-damaged led lcd screen cables replaced

VGA port on laptop

VGA port on laptop

Tips to determine that the led lcd screen needs to be replaced

- connect your laptop to an external display, items needed

1. VGA port on laptop, most laptop PCs are equipped with a VGA port, look below for instructions for mac laptops

Connect a VGA cable to the LCD monitor

VGA cable


2. VGA cable to connect from the laptop ports to an LCD monitor.

3. LCD monitor that has an available VGA port

LCD Monitor

LCD Monitor

If you can see your laptop screen on the external monitor then that means that your graphics on the laptop are working okay and the LCD Screen for your laptop needs to be replaced.

We carry most LED LCD screens in stock and can provide one business day installation. IF we have to order the screen, it takes 3-4 business days to get the screen.  Contact us today to get your LCD LED screen repair done and make your laptop new again.

DIM LCD Screen?? Are you able to see the screen faintly if you use a flashlight on the screen?

In most cases that is an indication of the Inverter of the LCD screen needing to be replaced.

We have had instances where customers have tried to replace the LCD screen and inadvertently damaged the LCD cable, we recommend removing your laptop battery before trying any repair on your laptop.

In case of Mac laptops

Mac laptops like macbooks or macbook pros have a mini DVI port that can be used to

Mini DVI port on apple laptops

Mini DVI port on apple laptops

connect to external displays. You will need-

1. Mini dvi to VGA cable or Mini dvi to HDMI cables

If you do not have a LCD monitor you can always connect via VGA or HDMI to your TV and see if you can view your laptop on the TV screen.

Mini dvi to VGA cable

Mini dvi to VGA cable


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Excellent, honest, fast service. Mona did a fantasic job of getting my business computer updated, reloaded software and configured very quickly. In addition, she created a clean, clear, and easy to navigate website. We love it. True to her word. Would highly recommend Mona at ML Geeks for all you computer and website needs.

Dan Parra, Business Owner, Fort Worth, TX

I needed my hinges replaced on my computer and it was going to be very expensive if Best Buy did it, so I called ML Geek Services and they were able to perform the work fast and effectively. The price quoted was very reasonable and the service was excellent. I would highly recommend their services for business or personal use.

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ML Geek replaced my display and got my macbook back in working order. They were prompt, courteous, and professional. They were very quick to respond to my questions, and provided a number of status updates, so I was never left wondering when I might get my computer back. If you have a computer problem, give them a call.

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